Monday, October 25, 2004

Boy, am I exhausted. Within 10 days my mom had a D&C, we found out she had uterine cancer and she had surgery a week later. And I wonder why my brain feels like mush. The surgery went well and the doctor was glad to tell us that nothing spread and the cancer was contained. Praise God - it's about time this thing turned positive. Between my sisters and I, we spent every waking moment with my mom while she was in the hospital. We never left her side. Not only did I not trust the hospital staff but my mom is hard of hearing and I didn't want her to miss anything from either the doctors, nurses or aides. I also wanted to be the one responsible for her care, for getting her out of bed, bringing her to the bathroom, making sure she had enough to drink, that she was comfortable, that she would have someone to lean on if she needed to walk around the unit. But most importantly, that I was there for her emotional support when the furry of this last week hit her upside the head. And that did come once she arrived home. I don't think any one of use really had time to deal with what just happened - especially the one that it happened to. Right now, I am drained on every possible level of existence - mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually. There will be a time for me too to process what we have just been through.

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