Friday, September 01, 2006

Tapping on the Glass

Dink, Dink, Dink

Dink, Dink, Dink

Tap, Tap, Tap

Dink, Dink, Dink

Ok, now tell me what mental image just popped up into your head considering the title and the first few lines of this post?

Did you conjure up the same mental image I did? Someone, maybe you, standing in front of a plate of glass, tapping frantically on it. What kind of glass was it?? Was it one way glass so the attraction on the other side couldn't see who was doing the tapping? Or was it clear plexi glass, where both could see who was tapping? And who did you put on the other side? Was it a boyfriend or girlfriend, or perhaps a coworker?? Was it your boss? Or maybe it was a arrogant, self righteous family member?? Or possibly a close-minded in-law?

I can think of several people I would put on the other side of that plexi glass. And I think I would choose to have one way plexi glass. Just for certain individuals though. Just so they would have no clue that I was the one tapping on their glass, wriling them up, insighting riots, rocking the boat. And for others, I would want clear plexi glass, so they would know, under no uncertain terms that it was me trying to get their fur to stand on end.

I am tired of playing reindeer games with certain individuals. I'm tired of doing their dance, just to not insight a riot. The time has come to start putting some of those people behind the glass and just tap away at my hearts content. Whether they realize it is me or not.

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