Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Don't Wanna

I'm to tired to blog.

I have lots to say but I'm to tired to say it.

I've posted tons of times in my head - does that count??

Like my new blog design?? Thanks to Steph for creating such a beautiful page!

The dh(darling husband) has been gone for a while - in the last nine days, he's been home two. No wonder I'm exhausted. Count in a major snow storm of which I had to shovel the driveway myself. No thanks to the arrogant, self-centered, uppity neighbors walking around with their snowblowers WATCHING ME struggle with my little shovel. Assholes.

I wanna say more but am afraid to fall asleep. So, off to finish watching Spiderman 2. I hope I've paused the DVR machine long enough to be able to fast forward through some of the commercials.

I leave you with a picture.

That would be Gabi and her new pet, Rody. You know, the plastic ride on llama (that's what we call it) she got for Christmas. And yes, he is wearing socks on his ears. I went to put Olivia to bed tonite and she was very proud because she had lifted the llama's socks and put them on her feet. No wonder the poor animal was yelping because his ears were cold. He sleeps with her every night and insists on having the covers. Oh yeah, the chicken too.

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