Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sista' Tagged Me

I don't get tagged often and I see it as a test to see if I'm keeping up with certain people's blogs.

Em, do I pass?

The task - coming up with 6 things that make me weird. Well Em, I agree with you, I don't think I'm weird, I think I'm pretty normal. It's the rest of you that are off your rocker.

Here we go -

1. If you tell me that we are having hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch and I come to the table and you serve me chicken and macaroni and cheese, I can't eat it. You see there has already been a message sent from my brain to my stomach and there's no turning back.

2. I will only buy name brand clothes for my kids. Call me snobby, call me weird, call it a good investment for my eBay business. I just can't bring myself to walk into WalMart and buy my kids ANYTHING to wear - including underwear.

3. I'm pretty much the same way with my own clothes and shoes.

4. I love doing laundry. I always do the household laundry in a specific order. I do our laundry first, Jake's second and then the girls last. I love seeing them all cleaned and hung up neatly in the laundry room and then smelling them when I fold them to put them away.

5. I have a glass of orange juice every morning for breakfast. And most of the time, that's it. If someone makes me breakfast, I'll eat it. But not matter if I just have my orange juice or my juice and some breakfast, I am ALWAYS starving at the same time every morning. So, I see it as a waist of my time and calories to have anything but just my OJ to get my blood sugar up and running.

6. I hate sand anywhere but the bottom of my feet. Don't like it on my hands, don't like it on my legs, don't like it on my arms, don't like it on my face. And don't shake a blanket with sand on it around me. I just might have to kill you. I don't know how I've made it this far with 3 children who love to roll in the sand and then come hug me. YUCK! DON'T TOUCH ME!

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