Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Young Public Speaker

The kids were given a taste of what it feels like to do a little public speaking tonite. Our homeschool group hosted a Spring Speech Nite for grades K-12. Apparently, as Jake gets older, this will be a requirement for our homeschool program. So, to start him out on the right foot and give him a non-stress environment to hone is speech skills, I entered all three of the kids in the event. Jake read an excerpt from the book Black Beauty, Olivia wrote her own story and read that. And Gabi, well, she read a little book called Cats Wear Hats. They all did very well and I was very proud of them. Here is a short clip of Olivia reading her story. BTW - the parents watching the speeches were required to positively evaluate the kids on their performance. Olivia's comments had lots to say - one even commented on how beautiful her outfit was. Should I be ashamed that Olivia looked at the girl sitting next to her and exclaimed, "You're wearing that!!" The girl must not have taken much offense to it because by the end of the evening, they were best friends. Olivia must have felt sorry for her!!

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