Friday, November 19, 2004

Yes, the time is correct. It is 2 a.m. Considering this is supposed to be the beginning of a great weekend of freedom from my kids, it's started off with a BANG! First off, it is REALLY foggy here and just plain creepy. I spent my first evening off doing what do you think . . . you guessed it, SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING! I hit two malls and only looked at my watch once to help me figure out why I was so hungry. Oh, I know why, because it's 7 pm and I hadn't had dinner yet. I took care of that at my favorite chicken place, Chicken Fil A. That's what my neice calls it. I came home and had spent most of the evening eBaying, emailing, IMing and the like. I finally climbed in bed at 12:15 a.m. and hadn't been in bed for 15 minutes when I heard 2 loud bangs that shook my bedroom. Now, there are only 2 things that shake my bedroom and one of them I choose not to mention on my blog site. The second is when the back garage door slams - our room is above the garage and the door will only slam shut. And I mean it takes several throw your shoulder into it slams to get it closed. Anywho, freaked me out! My cats make noise at night but not like that. After I stopped shaking, I started peaking out all of our windows upstairs to see if I could see anything and then climbed back in bed. Not before long before my mind started rationalizing the fact that only that garage door opening or closing makes that kind of vibration. I called the police. I had to have SOMEONE check it out. Two big burly men showed up at my door and went into that scary garage for me. Thanks, guys! They said they would check my house all night for me! Bless the men in blue!

So, that's issue number 1. After those lifesavers left, there was NO way I was going to climb back in bed. So, I decided to park my rear in front of the computer and see what was up on eBay at this hour of the morning. I checked my email to see that my sister had sent me a hilarious one on eBay, I"m sure she'll be sharing that in her blog. I noticed that it was sent just a few minutes before I had received it and decided to see if she was awake by IMing (Instant Messaging) her. Yep, she was. To make a long story short, so was my dad. I had just found out that he just flew back to MD from FL today. He usually drives but decided because of his multiple cancer treatments that it wouldn't be wise to drive in that weakened state. So, I noticed that he too was signed in and decided to see what he was up to at 1 a.m. I was IMing him and Em at the same time and Em told me at the same time that dad asked to start having our converstaion on webcam (so I could see him for those who aren't computer savvy) that he had started losing his hair. Great. I have to tell you that for the first time since this started, I cried. I couldn't help it and I couldn't hold back. And I didn't stop myself. It was just to hard. To see the one man that as far as I was concerned, was invincible look worn like that. It shoots all those childhood fantasies. Your dad is your knight in shining armor, your pillar of strength. My dad can do anything - except beat this cancer. I CANNOT express in words right now how deep that cuts.

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