Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Can I get off now???

Ok, you've heard me complain about having to much to juggle and all the things that go into my life?? I think I'm starting to drop some balls. When you have way to many of them coming at you, one tends to drop some of them. Let me explain some of the stressors right now that are making me all thumbs.

1. My latest attachment on my arm. Yep, I recognize that this is the one and only way to clear up this bone infection. I keep telling myself that and during the day, I'm excellent at believing myself. But, for some reason, come nighttime, all that work of tricking myself goes to the birds. I wake up in the middle of the night, if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep, with anxiety attacks. You would too if everytime you rolled over, you were concerned you'd crunch the tube attached from your inner arm to your heart.

2. The amazing shrinking base (company) we call Cleveland (Continental hub). Isn't it a great thing that T got to get back to Continental after spending 3 years furloughed to Continental Express as a direct result of Sept. 11? One would think. The company just has other plans for their pilots. Now they can't decide if they want to give their pilots paycuts AGAIN, or just go into bankruptcy. Hmmm . . . .

3. My last post. Although it didn't affect me directly, it has made a major impact on our family.

4. My poor T's awful commute. Since Dec, he has been based in Newark, NJ and not our home of Cleveland. For a pilot, this can be a real pain in the neck. Sure your flight is done at 10 p.m. but you're done in NJ not in OH. This has reeked some major havoc on our lives these past months. He has been gone upwards of 6 1/2 kid days in a row (his days at work are measured in how long I am on my own with the kids). This brings me to point number four.

4. We could move out to the NJ area (actually the Allentown area which is more affordable). But can't because of issue two.

If anybody has the key to stop this ride, I'd like to get off now.

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