Sunday, August 20, 2006

Runway Divas and Dude

The kids participated in a mall fashion show at the mall that I worked at. They modeled for Gymboree, the children's clothing store that I work for. They had two shows, the girls did the first one (Jake was at his football game)- the girls are second and third from the left-

and all three of them did the second - Jake is in the back row in the orange, Olivia is the first one from the right in the back row and Gabi is in the front row in the stripes.

The girls were a tad nervous for the first show and a little intimidated by all the people and the older models that were there. But they held their own and looked absolutely adorable up on the runway. For the second show, they had relaxed a little and Mr. Jake was my nervous one. Gabi became so relaxed that she waved most of the way down the runway and then refused to turn around and go back. Does she have a future in NY??

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